Micro Needling / Collagen Induction
Per 30 min   $250
Series of 5   $1000

Smooth wrinkles, improved depressed lines, scars, acne scarring, as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

This is the newest, easiest and most effective skin treatment available. Needling is a sophisticated technique which promote the body's natural production on collagen and melancantis (pigment producing cells).

Micro needling / collagen induction smooth's out scars, wrinkles and can even the tones of some skin discolorations. Skin needling is accomplished through microscopic punctures made to the epidermis. This stimulates the body's natural wound healing by breaking up old collagen strands in scars and wrinkles to produce natural collagen and melanocytes, making skin smoother.

Needling stimulates the effects of those from laser resurfacing, but without the harsh damage to the epidermis.

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